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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Water no water

So ends training week seminar this year. Thankfully it was not too hot.
The 4 schools out of the 7 that came for the banquet stayed in town for the seminar.
Campbell Ca, Walnut Creek Ca, Concord, Ca (mine), Boston Mass.,

Friday night after training session dinner, time to relax.
Lady Zen & son of Zen came to visit.
Home baked bread, chicken, fried rice, tofu &
salad was prepared.

Then cake for dessert.

It says Chuk Kai Tai Chi Praying Mantis

Sat. @ Sasulito Marine Swap meet.
Not as big as I hoped, but still nice. I picked up a couple of items.
I got a good price on some cockpit
matting & a boom brake.
I missed getting a fully enclosed cockpit enclosure by
a few hours. Sucks!

A home built world traveler.
Circumnavigated for 4 years with a couple with two kids.
A big Cat. It looked very stable
This belongs to the Lady Writer and her family I spoke of earlier.
I happend across her while there. She was very welcoming.

A little bit of everything on the water outside Sasulito

A great day to be out just sailing around.

S.F. Bay sailing day, a view from Sasulito. The "city in the background.

A race is on...

View of the Bay Bridge, & The tower

More Racing ...
The dome is the Presideo.
Home of the World Fare
some year which I forget, maybe
1940 or 20. Hmm I'll look it up along with the spelling
for you anal types :-)

So there was water for the weekend
but we did not get on it.


  • At 12:43 PM, Blogger EVK4 said…

    In that second picture, what's lining the wall? Are those crazy dangerous weapons that you can use to take over the world? Or garden tools?


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