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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hot fun in the summer tyme

Wu weeee 113 degrees here today. I kept hearing Sly and the Family Stone in my head. Loved that group! Hot fun in the Sumer tyme. Did not feel really inspired to do much today but stay inside out of the heat. However, a/c makes you too soft and I needed to get out. I may not get any sailing in over the next week or two. Kung Fu seminar starts this weekend coming.

So I went out to get my sail on. It was better at the marina only 99 maybe and less on the water. Mounted the carp. There was a fair wind, but I did not feel like dealing with a lot so it was a jib only day. I was able to move along fairly well with just that. Did a few turns and stuff to practice under jib.

The carp did well. I do not know how long the string will hold up, maybe I will change it. It is nice having the roller fast simple. Bada bing bada bom, off you go don't need no boom.

A few back and forths, then a few practice runs to see about stopping under sail.

Started to sail over to the
moth ball fleet, but did not want to take that much time as I was getting hungry.

When you see this up close you will say , whoaaa dude. I'm about 3 - 4 miles away

So headed back to the marina, felt ok after a few trial passes, enough to try docking under sail. I practiced with just the main, but it would not go out far enough so that I could stop with the slip angle to the wind, so as I had more control with the jib it felt better, as in safer.
So I gave it a shot. I overshot my turning mark a bit when dropping the fenders at the last moment, I lost my focus but it still went ok. I'll try it again another time, but it went well enough that I know I can do it.


  • At 3:38 PM, Blogger james said…

    It's back to the Tao of Sailing, Zen. Just catching up on your blog, and enjoying everything you've written a lot. I'm going to get and read Ray Grigg's book.


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