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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Art, Water & Sailboats
part I

A quiet day at work, nothing creative to do so,I'm bored. So whilst looking around at blogs and the like. I came across an artist's blog with some of her paintings up. So that got me to thinking about some ceramic projects to plan on since I have a new ceramic class upcoming in Aug. I have done ceramics for several years now, most hand building and Raku. I love Raku. One day when I'm back living in Japan , I'll take some more classes there on pottery as well. My Sis-n-Bro in-law ( who are very good)take classes now from time to time with some famous ceramic Sensei. Although he may not be around by the time we get there to live. I still want to pursure that more, in the home of Raku.

So back to where I was going, I need to give some thought to some new ideas to work with for my class. This time is a wheel throwing clay class. I have not had a lot of luck doing wheel work so this time I can focus on it. I generally like to combine ideas themes. eg: Art of sailing expressed in some ceramic, or water expressed in a ceramic form. Generally I like water, the flow, the movement.

I have done one boat piece which was far from my favorite ( above). I did it as a class project with a new technique, which I hated! Messy, hard to work with, yuk. "Sailboat on the water". It is a hollow piece, made by wrapping clay soak burlap around a form core, then fired. Once cold it is then treated as a regular ceramic and raku glazed and re-fired.

I have a few items here in my office but did not bring my camera. Maybe I'll post them later, maybe not...
for now I gathered a couple of photos to which I had access.

This one is one of my more favorites.
Inspired by the
"Hokusai The Wave" painting on of the 7 views of Mt Fuji. It is all rounded and curved shapes.

This unit is called "Water". Same thought as

"Hokusai The Wave" but more 3D
I prefer making functional pieces rather than just something for looks. The sailboat can only be looked at, were as this piece and the "wave" can be useful. It shows better live .
Hmmm while looking at ths I got a better name. "Rouge Wave" can you see it?

Anyway to the few who follow this blog, I should have something artsy this fall in the way of ceramics. Should be at least midly interesting to see what I tap into from the universe ;-)


  • At 1:37 PM, Blogger Tillerman said…

    It's a terrific idea to create pieces of sailing art in ceramic. I have seen some amazing pieces of this kind over the years. Good luck.

  • At 12:41 PM, Blogger royalLD said…

    I know very little about ceramics. I tried it as a teenager, but remember very little.

    So, I'm not sure if you could make a layered fountain with 'wheel work'. I like fountains that direct water from one layer to another and then on to a third and maybe fourth level before the water is cycled back to the top.


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