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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Friday's Child

AH, Friday.
Finally got my Friday off, it is suppose to be every other week. Missed it due to a work project or the last two Cry

Now it was all for nothing, the thing got extended twice Angry

It was 100 degrees yesterday , but not so bad at marina. So I got a few things done. Locking system installed on companion way. More sanding on the bright work. Removeing more paint and ugh from the teak and installed a cover for the freshly refinshed doors.

Looking good if I do say so myself. Lady Z put in a lot of work sewing the weather cloths & door cover.

Next things for her are:
snap on bug screens. I already have the design.
Winch covers,
cockpit cushion covers. We are planing Brown or Tan to break up the Pacific Blue.

For me more Sanding and TeaQuaing

Today is Sat. Also suppose to be HOT, It is still early and cool now. We will be heading out a little later for a short sail, about 1 hr over to a little town called Benica. The couple from work could not make it, as I thought. They were dissapointed so we'll try agin on one of the July trips. So Lady Z and I will make this alone. It will be our first time back to Benica by boat in a couple of years, since dating, when we took Kuan Yin. Come to think of it, we have been out lots of time but will be our first landfall alone on s/v Zen.

to be con't...


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