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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial weekend part I

The sky was clear, comfortably cool, a stiff breeze blew from the SW.
There I was less than 20 mintues into the "Zone" my sails where full but I was not moving..

However let's not get ahead things. Let's roll back to Sat. Lady Zen, my cousin and I head over to Alameda to the Encinda Yacht club. There is a Vintage Yacht race and Art show. The day is a bit cool but once at the Marina and walking around it is perfect. There are no boats from the race around turns out they are racing in the Bay then come to the club afterward. So we stroll the Marina, chat with people with dogs and check out the boat, I take pictures. My cousin says I have never seen so many boats. I remark and expensive boats!.

We stop in at broker, she says we can go down and look. Cool!

We check out some really sweet sailboats 60,000, 80,000, 139,000 Nice .. to dream about! My cousin is slowly talking herself into buy aboat. I can see it happening in the next couple of years once she get more setted into California life. She gets more hooked everytime we go out and around them.
After a bit I notice some older boats coming in.

So we head back to the yacht club. The boats are coming in now in mass, we watch as the dingies do the tug boat thing and line them up line like sqeezing cars into a parking lot, or eggs in a crate. I am only able to get a couple of photos as my battery as run down from taking so many other shots while out strolling. I do a little Zen magic an am able able to get a couple of shots out of the now defunk battery. Anyway there are some really nice older boat many with wood hulls. We go down to the dock and get a close up view. I was half expecting to get a tap on my shoulder from James of sailer blog "spindrift", this is his Yachtclub and he said he would be there. However no go. So we head on back home. As we are leaving, oh no, my keys are gone. We turn around and head back and split up to look for them. Lucky I go to where I first changed my camera lens and there they were on the beach. Someone had saw them and place them there. Thanks stranger, good Karma to you. Now we realax and head home for dinner. My little cousin is invited us for dinner. Our first dinner invite. Lady Zen is delighted!


  • At 8:53 AM, Blogger james said…

    You've got a shot of your wife and cousin looking out at the Marina Village Yacht Harbor from the park, which overlooks our Cal 39 Spindrift and my Islander Bahama 28 Dog Days. I really sorry we didn't hook up that day, Zen. But we will ... Fair winds.


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