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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I have been on this for a couple of weeks now I think. Interesting more so than My Space, less kids, no ads and stuff is nice. Over 200 hits here on this site, but only 4 or so comments, I guess that is normal or I should be a better writer or not take it personal or all of the three. I tend to do that being an artist, we take things personal. No matter I'm learning the ropes here. Kind of like a open diary/journal to the world. I had a girl friend who use to tell me to keep a journel. The blog space on sailfar.net will be going public end of the month, maybe I'll just do that. Right now I am doing both, plus one on my website, to help with the testing there on Sailfar. Hmm we'll see, maybe I'll just do once a week or so here and more there where folks talk to me, I feel more connected, than just typing to the void...

I have been in contact with a couple of interesting people from here. All who I have contacted from surfing and found not the other way around...
Chatted a bit with half of an interracial couple who sail out of Fla. Found out there is another Blasian couple out of NY who sail. Read a very touching story shared by a sailor who lost his wife to cancer. I found out Morgan Freeman is a sailor, has owned a couple of boats. He seemed like a good actor, now I have a whole new respect for him. Not just because he is sailor but while I was doing some research on him hearing he is a sailor, I found he does good things for people and causes. He is a good man. My respects to you sir.

Holiday weekend coming up. I had thought I was going to take a 5 day holiday but since we got a BIG Deal Proposal Project at work, my plans have been cancelled for the most part. My manager wa sin a panic about having graphic support. I can still take off Sun. and Mon. maybe Sat. We'll see. I told her no way can I miss my class next weekend, even if I have to work at night on the weekend.

If I get to take off on this Sat. I will prep. s/v for Sun a.m. sail, then head over to Alameda for some kind of boat race & art show at one of the yacht clubs. Suppose to be vintage wooden boats racing I hear. Should be interesting, I'll take some pix with the serious digital Nikon. I can give the 300 lens a work out.

I have a big solo sail planned for Sunday, 6-8 hours. My first in a year, since purchasing the boat and bring it home, from Berkeley. I am nevous somewhat. Not so much about the sailing part, but if the motor is going to die on me at the wrong time. Like when going through the tricky harbor entrance. Which is the other part of being nervous making this entrance without getting stuck. I am maybe being overly paranoid, but, better that than being to cocky. Ne! The motor did run great the last couple of times I took it out. One of which though I used mostly sail that trip. ( I should not write at night when too tired I need to edit a lot the next day like I'm doing now)

I am planning on leaving Sunday about 6:00 am, that way I can ride the tide out and not worry about the low tide in my marina. This will also hopefully put me at the San Rafael harbor entrance near high tide. Good grief it is expensive there. $1.00 a ft. this will be my first and LAST time there by boat. That is off the hook expensive! Why?? It is though MARIN, Co. where the rich and famous live. jheez, and not even wireless internet though, ...please what is up with that! My low scale marina even has that!
I will test out the voyage planner on the GPS. Also get to put the new Nikon Coolpix travel camera through some paces and listen to my Japanese tape whilst on passage. The weather is suppose to be good. I will meet up with a few folks while there. A couple of old friends who I have not seen in a couple of years and a guy who has the same boat, Islander 29 as me. I was almost going to buy it but got this instead, it had more features. Happy Holidays folks and
Let's be Careful out there...


  • At 9:40 AM, Blogger royalLD said…

    I know how you feel about typing into the void. But in truth, you are simply publishing your own electronic newspaper-. Or, as I sometimes look at it, you are broadcasting your very own multi-media station; WORLDWIDE. I don't treat my blog as a conversation, although it certainly can be one.

    Sailfar.Net sounds like a great idea. But the audience there is limited to a select interest. The audience here is amazingly diverse. I hope you decide to do both.

    I am always somewhat nervous when I have to move my boat. It is good to be nervous, it keeps me alert. The one time I was not concerned was the time I made a stupid mistake and injured my hand. Now, if I think any operation of the ship is going to be "a piece of cake", I won't untide the docklines until I consider what can go wrong. That helps to get my 'chi' flowing.

    Have a great weekend and keep blogging. You do have an audience out here.

  • At 10:26 AM, Blogger Zen said…

    Hmmm a personal newspaper, Multi-media station... never thought of it that way. Now for the local news...Capt'n Z reporting from the Bay Area, heheheh Thanks for the feed back.

    fair winds

  • At 11:00 AM, Blogger Tillerman said…

    It does feel like typing in the void at first, but keep the faith. It takes time for your audience to find you but they will. From what you have written so far I can see that you have a unique perspective and will attract readers - and commenters.

    Good luck with the trip this weekend. Look forward to reading all about it.

  • At 10:25 AM, Blogger EVK4 said…

    Zen, the kung fu studio put me over the edge....I'll drive my 12-15 daily readers your way with a link.

  • At 2:00 AM, Blogger daffydevil said…

    Hi I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog, it's nice to know there are other blasian couples out there. My Mum was more at ease about my fiancee and I's future relationship when I showed her your blog. She was wondering (if it's ok to ask) how long you and your wife have been together, and whether you have any children.

    On another topic, you mentioned that you like kung fu. Have you trained? What style and for how long? My fiance and I practise Wing Chun kung fu and we'd love to hear your views.


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