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Friday, May 19, 2006


A shot of s/v Zen up close fairly anyway...
Here she is. 1967 Islander 29 .
Full Keel, heavy boat. Her sisters have been around the world including Cape Horn. I have big plans for her. Including seeing Japan with Kobe as her home port.

This is my retirement project. I still have a way to go, not only on the projects but before retirement as well. So in the mean time. I fix, have fun and learn.

A nite shot, hanging out one evening after doing chores

These shots now posted look a bit funky, I guess I made the resolution too small got some weirdness happening, oh well.
It could be this PC screen. I'll check the MAC ( Mac's Rock )at home. But I most likely will not change them, no one will care :-)

These shots were taken with my now dead compact digital 2.1 camera. It was good for a while, took decent pictures. I have a D70 Nikon which I love , but do not like taking it on the boat. So I just picked up a used Nikon CoolPix 3.5. Seems pretty cool. I like the size, handy to carry aboard so I can grap some snaps. I'll try it out this weekend whilst down at the marina. Prepping for my cruise next week and first overnight stay.


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