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Thursday, May 18, 2006

ZEN in Nippon

Now I see some folks really do stop in here, I feel inspired to keep this up.

This year was my 3 time to Japan. I have yet to sail whilst there. However I am getting close we have been on two different yachts.
The first time we met a couple, well half of a couple the wife had a hangover so did not met with us :-)
They are from the Netherlands and sailed there on their 40 some fter. They spent some time in New Zeland and Hong Kong. Nice boat, too big for me, perfect for them. They had been in Nippon for some 15 yrs. We visited them in Fukuoka. They spoke of leaving but had no real plans to go.

The next time we went visited Bill in Kobe. I really liked Kobe, we plan on moving there in the future. I spoke with Bill, like the couple on the internet on Sail Japan. B is from Cal also. He lives there with his wife. He teaches sailing to Westerns, because he speaks no Japanese. Strange for someone living in Japan with a born in Japan wife. Nice guy gave me a lot of helpful information. He just purchased his boat and was fixing it up while we there.

This is Bill-san and my way cute sister and sweet wife.

This is my brother in Law. his first time on a sail boat he looks happy ne!

The girls playing with the dock cat

Someone doing bottom cleaning

A boat coming in

A Japanese Yamaha 24 sailing yacht. You need a license if you sail a Japanese reguestered boat other than a dingy in Japan. Unlike here where any "baka" (clown) with money can buy a boat and go cause heck. There you have to prove you know what you are doing. Bill also teachs and trains folks, English speakers how to pass the tests


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