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Monday, July 10, 2006

Boating Back to Benicia

The Zen crew went out Sat. with guests

They were our first couple passagers.

We went boating back to Benica. Which is a small town just across the river, which is really called a strait.
It was a great day for a sail. Winds about 15 knots, temps in the low 90's. We started about 11:00am. had a small pre-launch toast, of Barefoot(brand name) Champagne Mimosas. ;) just one small glass each with a little snack. Then set off. I have gotten pretty good with making the trip over. Before it would take me about 5 tacks, now I do it in three. Easy close reaches. Took about 1 hr or so.

Pulled into the guest dock.
Waited a bit after check-in for the boat in front to leave then pulled into our spot and headed off to town on foot. Seem like a good time for a photo op.

A short pleasant walk of 15 min to downtown and we had lunch at an outside cafe/hotel. Lady Zen and I had a Salmon Ceaser salad. Yum, We were expecting just a few chucks of grilled Salmon but got a big grilled fillet on a bed of lettuce. :D We were pleasantly shocked. :o
After a bit of chit chat , we headed back. Took a detour through a small shop area. Where I met and chatted a bit with a fellow musician playing in the courtyard. 8)
He spoke a little Japanese being a Nisei ( 2 generation ). He played mostly the same instruments as me and studied Tai Chi. He had his cute dog with him. We may even hook up at some point maybe do some Jamming since he lives fairly in the area. He is setting up his website soon if you like flute/keyboard NewAge type music. I think it is www.whisperinglight.com

Then we headed back to s/v Zen. and headed back home.

Nice steady breeze, no tacking just an easy broad reach and we were back.
After docking and packing up everything, nice cold cooling Margarettas were in line to end the hot day. ;D

Life can be good

Visual aid for those who do not know the area.
The Red X is home port, The yellow X is Benicia, The green X is Oakland, The Purple X is San Fransico


  • At 12:32 PM, Blogger Val said…

    What a great way to spend a day. And thanks for the link, it sounds like my sort of music.

  • At 7:03 PM, Blogger royalLD said…

    Beautiful day.
    Thanks for the map.


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