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Sunday, August 13, 2006

You never know

It started like any other day, except I got to sleep-in. I took care of some internet stuff and headed out to breakfast. I had planned on going to a Mexican buffet for a champange brunch on my post-Tanjobe day. I walked over to the resturant and NO Champange brunch, it was finito. :-(
Ok so I thought, hmm Korean spicy tofu with veggies... I got to the corner and changed my mind and thought naw, let's do Indian Buffet. It has been awhile. So now it is almost lunch time anyway. It was a good choice, even now four hours later I'm still full. I'm glad I walked.

After the trek back to the condo I hear some piano sounds upon entering the grounds. I track it to the club house. There are a couple of folks in there Jamming. Hmmmm , I thought, I'll go check this out.

After A bit of chatting with them I am invited to sit-in and Jam. Thanks but no, I've stuff to do...
I head up the my place and change my mind. I do not have all my gear with me here but enough to make some music. I head back down and spend the next 1.5 hrs jamming with the folks. Ahh felt good. Like taking a sailing on a breezy day on a calm sea. They are looking for a Bass & Harmonica player for the group they are starting, interestingly enough I do both. I get somewhat bored playing just Blues, but it is a chance to play again. So I say, cool see ya next week. Seems like the musican guy I met in Benica kind of blew me off. Too bad I was hopeing to get to Jam with him some. He is into a different kind of music. So if this lil band will work in with my sailing time sweet! I have had the jones to play. Maybe I'll start a new blog on the Poolside Blues Band. Cool name I just made it up.

Playing music is like sailing it gets in your blood and you get that spiritual high by connecting with the force. Instead of channeling the feeling of the elements wind and water through your body, you are channeling a different energy. Instead of moving a boat with that force you are changing it into sounds. I read a book by a musican/doctor who sailed to Hawaii and took his Harpsicord with him to play onboard. When I make my passage I'll take my flutes and Shamisen. Hmmm, just got a great idea of going to someplace one day and dropping anchor and just playing out on the water. Maybe up in the Delta.
Didn't I do a good job of bring this post into the relm of sailing heheheh

You never know what the day will bring.


  • At 11:25 PM, Blogger Val said…

    "You never know what the day will bring" - thanks for the reminder. Its all too easy to forget the joy that comes with living with that mantra.

  • At 11:01 AM, Blogger Zen said…

    Thanks Val always nice to get some comments. Seeing the numbers change one know there are folks out there, but it is good to connect.

    It did not occure to me at the time
    but after reading your commet. I remembered something said in the movie with Tom Hanks, "You never know what the tide will bring" I was just over to your site, was I there first, or you here... or some physic connection t the same time...;-)

  • At 12:14 PM, Blogger royalLD said…

    This blues band is very conveinent, right there at your condo. You don't have to commute very far to practice. It reads like good karma to me.


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