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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Tanjoube Osaka time

Sat. was Lady Zen's birthday if we were in Japan, which would be Sunday, which is today here, but Monday there, since they are a day ahead of us.

I planned a small birthday surprise sushi, saki, pie party. She had no idea and was at first not real pleased when all of a sudden guests, of which we almost never have, showed up! heheh.
Whaaaattt , I'm not ready, look how I'm dressed, my hair... tomorrow is my birthday...It is tomorrow in Nippon...surprise ! After a few moments she was ready by her standards...

We had a excellent selection of sushi, and other little things I prepared.

There was some yellowtail sashimi which I had picked up from the Japanese Market, which was flown in from Japan. It is the Lady Zen's favorite. So after having some of that and a few glasses of Sake she was VERY pleased.

Some VERY nice sake I found. Which was recommend by my Japanese langauge Sensei who runs a Japanese market, and does Kendo. We all enjoyed it. Smooth nice flavor. The flower from Manila only had a couple of glasses, she did not want to have a repeat of the Margaretta incident, when we sailed from Benica...

After dinner some Oshii Key Lime pie. Light very tasty not too sweet. Perfect!!

Then a game of pool. I had Lady Zen , the Osaka Hussler on my team. The other side was the Manila Momma and The Rock Doctor. It was fun, lots of missed shots and wrong balls. Good times.


  • At 6:50 PM, Blogger Mike said…

    I totally understand the surprise factor that Japanese have trouble with. I have an open door policy. Anyone is welcome. The door is always open; something which is taboo in japan. I've actually only visited about three houses in seven years of living here.



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