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Sunday, August 27, 2006

ASA Coastal Cruising Part I- day 1

Day 1

Well, finally it is was here. The Coastal Cruising class. I had been looking forward to it for a while now and have been doing some study. So this Sat. past was part one.
We had five guys in class this time. A real mix of folks which was nice. A young brother from Canada, an Asian, a guy from Texas and another gentleman, I'm not sure where he is from but kind of a European accent. I will ask next time. A good bunch of guys.
The teacher was different also this time. Turns out it was someone I met in the last class who was doing an audit or something . Anyway always good to see a familar face. He knew my background, so that was helpful to us both. I told him I was also going for the teaching certificate hopefully later in Sept. So he gave me tips on things to be ready for. Of those things quite a bit had to do with single handing, which I do most of the time and he did rarely.

Sat. morning started out foggy and overcast, typical for this time of year here in the Bay Area. It cleared up later and got warm. We went out on a 27 ft Coronado ( thanks Cap't B) . The same one I had gone on before. It is a so so boat. Comfortable below deck , but rigged really funky, as were the winds for that day.

Most of the day we just sailed and reviewed stuff from the BKB class. So it was nice just to get familar with the boat and remember stuff. The water was fairly crowded. Lots of folks out.
Many sailboats, kayaks, racing dingies, plus the dreaded powerboats. The part that made my day was this. We were out among a large amount of sailing dingies, and kayaks etc. This fool in a powerboat comes flying through, dodging folks and making big wakes. About less than a minute after passing us and rocking the whole area, a police boat pulls his Dumb Arse over and tickets him for acting fool a no wake zone. LOL I was so glad to see that!
Afterward the police get on the loud speaker and say this is a no wake zone, SLOW DOWN! to the other Powerboaters there. hehehahahaha.

Whilst out doing manuvers, I saw a fellow sailing musician blogger Spindrift on one of his boats, Dog Days heading off for an adventure no doubt. He was too far away and underpower so I did not yell. It was a mental treat to see someone I kind of know.

Back to the lesson... so we sailed around tacking, tacking tacking, not much wind and very on and off. Finally we made it to the area called Jack London Sq, I docked and we had lunch.

After the break we headed back down the channel, doing wing and wing and jibbing (gibbing whatever) docking and taking off. After that we did man over board drills. Having practiced those on my own, I nailed my turn on the first shot, where the teacher took two, heheh. Sweet!


  • At 12:40 PM, Blogger Cap't Bob said…

    Hey, Zen, it looked like a good time! I'd be happy with winds and seas like that. Maybe I'd race again. Naaah.

    The boat is a Coronado. Built like tanks, sail like tanks. But you could go anywhere with them, especially the bigger ones. I find them ugly, esthetically, but hey, that's just me.


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