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Friday, August 25, 2006

Sailing and the art of Living

Somethings just get me to thinking….

After my sweet wife, The Lady Zen’s impressive and surprisingly insightful comment about sailing and marriage. (she said "I did not say that" when she saw it, but in a way she did that is how I tanslated it so it si close enough ) Then before that son of Zen had asked about dealing with his stepdad and I told him about the Bamboo in the Storm. Taking the theme of the storm he asked how his case would relate to sailing. He asked a big wave is coming at you in the boat, what can you do? I said you cannot take the wave head on. You need to angle your self away from the main power of the wave or you will get most likely over turned or swamped at the least have a very rough ride. Or you can run with the wave, taking the set back and ride it out until you can better position yourself in order to ride over it or let it pass under you. He thought about it and went hmmm.

On another forum about couples someone asked what some advice is for couples, from people who are in are in a relationship or have been... many said Communications. After looking at the word itself Relation-ship(s), my answer taken from Lady Zen’s and was Relationships are sailboats. They need to have their course corrected and sails trimmed often.

So later I’m thinking I’ve correlated the Sailing Art to Zen,Tai Chi, Feng Shui, Kung Fu and now relationships. It is in itself a good metaphor on how to deal with life and its many ebbs and flows of tides, it’s storms and calms, its turbulent events and peaceful sunny days.

Sailing is life; a way of living, like Zen, & Kung Fu. We sail through this life on a sailboat of our own making on the sea of life. We take on crews passengers, they get off or fall off. We go from port to port. The better we blend with The waves, The elements, The flow, The Universe, The Tao the smoother our ride.


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