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Friday, November 24, 2006

Post Thanksgiving Sail

Post Thanksgiving Non-sale sail

It was a good day, Mild temps, in the 60's light wind.

I headed to the Marina.

My first encounter with the owner of the Choy Lee ketch . Great looking boat, 30 ft, teak decks, desiel motor, full keel. Nice I would love to have this boat!

We chat a bit and I head down to s/v Zen and get her ready to sail. I was set for cool weather, I had my silk Long John's on, and my heavy Zen sweat shirt. However the weather so far was perfect, cool but not cold. Wind about8-10 knots.

I cast off easily and raise the sails...

Casting off is so much easier these days, once I figured it out.
I think it helps having a taller boat, I could never quite get the hang of it with Kuan Yin.

Not much going on a very easy sail, only one tanker to dodge. There are only a couple of other sailboats out today. It is generally quite in this area except during the summer months when we get a few racing yachts passing through. Beig that this is the first day of wind on the weekend I thouhgt there would be more boats out. For the most part the water is mine...

Easy sail around for an hour or so then head back to the marina...

It is starting to get cool, as the sun is behind some clouds and going down. The few others that are out are also heading back in now.

Now I'm glad I wore the long johns.

So back to the marina and an easy dock.

I'm putting sailing away and shockingly another sail boat come in to my dock. For the most part I am the only one of the four sailboat there that goes out.
I go to chat with him a bit turns out he is new.

He is only been around for a few weeks and has been disappointed about about the lack of winds over the last few weeks.
Sound like he ia a regular sailor. So now there are two if us.

It was a good day. Thankful to get my sail-on.

Trees stilll show their colors
Sky is blue and fluffy white
My sails are full, life is good


  • At 7:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Indeed, life is good. I hope you and Lady Zen are enjoying a great holiday weekend.

  • At 6:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ain't winter sailing great! Now, Zen, watch out for boat envy after seeing that Choy Lee. I'll bet you're thinking how comfortable that would be on your journey to Japon. Cheers to you and Lady Zen, my friend.


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