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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Autumn Mushotoku day

Welcome to Autumn...

Who says we do not have seasons in California. When the weather is nice, in the 70's and it is sunny, it is nice, but some days, like today, cool & cloudy are not my favorite. Hard to feel like doing anything, more so when dealing with a bit of depression. Yuk, I need some play time...
It has been awhile since I posted as I said it would be. I had thought about it last week, being my 6 month blog anniversary, but I figured only I cared. I have learned a lot about blogs in that time and met some interesting people. Some who drop by read and leave comments, thank you and then there are the others... some of who I support their blog but...oh well, sometimes in life you're on a one way street. It is better to Mushotoku blog.

It was my hope today to get out for a bit of sail. Yesterday Sat. was wonderful weather. I was hoping to take Lady Zen and our Tokyo friends out but... things happen and plans change. We are hopeing for play time next week. Perhaps with a couple of couples. It will be the largest group I've had on s/v Zen.

Anyway, today I had figured on going out single- handed, however the weather although not bad was not good. Well at least to me. Weather report said a high of 66. For a Summer child of the topics this was not good. Yeah I know 66 was nothing, but cooler on the water. I was not into chill'n
However if the sun had been out I would have given it a go anyway.

I started out today on my lanai (balcony) garden watering the plants, cleaning up rodent poop. Yuk!, I had an invader, but he is history...
I was shocked to see those guys can climb up the side of buildings.

So after checking the weather and feeling outside I was not feeling sailing.

I had been to the marina on Sat. It was great weather, but things were off...

The Zen sense was flashing...things were not right in the area, the energy is weird. Someone had taken my water hose, used it and left it un-wrapped laying off the dock, as if trying to fill the marina harbor... weird. When I went on s/v Zen the door was fine but the cover looked like it had been messed with...but all was well.

So I look around...Other things were off in the marina,
there was a boat sunk across from me...

The boat next to me with livaboards was now empty...abandoned

Another boat across from that, same owners, under lock/chain & key...

another boat on my dock had oil pads all around it
and looked like the inside had been gutted, WTF...

several boats had locks and chains on them... I went hmmmmmmm.
Looking at the locks on the boats, I thought... hmmm they look similar perhaps these are people who did not pay their bill... I spoke with the dock hand, my bud, he told me yeah. The locks are on folks who have not paid their slip charges. Some are over $1,000... WOW!
There were lots of dead beats. I felt better knowing the real deal at least about that...

So today, I'm back down on s/v Zen I figured on doing some basic checks, running the motor and changing the oil for next Sat's adventure.
I had purchased a 12volt oil change pump, which I had yet to try out, so today was the day. It worked great!! It made the process very simple. Nice! A worth while investment.

Also, added gas stablizer to the fuel, since no way with winter coming I will use up the whole tank of gas. Checked out my new to me camera tripod,

took a shot of s/v Zen flying the Good ole Boat burgee, maybe I'll get in the mag, at least that is what they said...when I send it in. We'll see.

maybe a better picture though...

So enough of the marina day... I prepare to head home. As what happens 85% of the time I have to wait for the train to pass before I can leave the park. Today it is two Looooong frieght trains

So I head back in to the marina grounds to kill some time...

Grab a few shots, then head off to the store after the train passes and the road again is open.

I stop at the market, get some wine, a DVD rental, Xmen, (yeah very cool) and pop next door at Papa Murphy for a bake at home pizza. A Veggie gourmet delight. I doctor it up at home, fresh Basil from the garden, lots of garlic, veggie sasauge, bake... it is ready 3 min before Lady Zen comes home...good timing, we pig out!

So what else happening, you may wonder or not.

As I said slow time for sailing , of sorts. Next week we hope to have a Autumn Lzenzenzuyunandan (hahah for me to know)Benicia Adventure.
I do have my ASA BKB teacher's exam coming up Nov 3rd. I have a couple of weeks to study up for that.
I spoke with the lady who was suppose to give me the test but she did not have enough people to take it, so it was cancelled. I am going to another location for that test. I chatted with the lady some, she has all the other ASA classes going on at her school, Afterguard Sailing Academy that I want to take to prepare for the Japan passage. Also they are a good price. I'm planning on the next Navigation class with her, in Feb. As it turns out another small world omen, Japan thing happened. She turns out to be the ASA teacher who taught/certified the Sailing Zen master, Aoki, Yoh Sensei I have contacted in Japan. I will be taking the rest of my courses with her. What a karma moment to find that out! So I have another Sensei. Some things are just meant to be...God/The Universe/Tao/Great Spirit put us where we need to be.


  • At 6:36 PM, Blogger butuki said…

    Hi Zen. I want to thank you for all the comments you regularly make on my site... and sorry that I haven't reciprocated. It's just that I'm mostly ignorant of sailing and yachts (though I've always been interested in them since I was a boy and have done some cat boat sailing in Oregon and Germany, but not much more than that). I don't even know a lot of the terminology that you use. Still, that's no excuse.

    I was surprised by the information on the gutted and abandonned yachts in your marina. Are there a lot of boats like that?

    It must be a whole other world to live in the world-traveling yachting community. From a mountaineer's perspective it's like people living on another planet, too! (•J•)/"

  • At 6:39 PM, Blogger butuki said…

    P.S. Who is Lady Zen? Is that you? Or the boat? I keep reading the name everywhere, but am confused by his or her or its identity!

  • At 11:57 AM, Blogger Val said…

    It is such fun when the "universe" presents us with events and moments that you just KNOW have fallen into place so beautifully. A new sensai, wondeful.


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