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Sunday, August 27, 2006

ASA Coastal Cruising Part I- day 2

Sunday starts like Sat. very overcast, and cooler. We start off as before. Today lesson maps & charts reading, Anchoring, Reefing, Heave-to.

We go over stuff at the dock and everyone sets the reef and releases. We go below and do a little chart work, setting course, judging distance, chart marks icons, etc. Afterward we head out down the channel. Some wind but we need to make time so we motor over to Treasure Island to do anchoring. I was suffering after a while I forgot to bring a wind breaker. I did have two sweatshirt, but it was still cold with the fog blocking the sun. However by the time we got to Treasure Island it had warmed up. Next time I will be more prepared for the weather.

Treasure Island for those who do not know is where
the Coast Guard Station is, it is also where the Bay Bridge
is anchored midway.
It was built from landfill for some year's Worlds Fair. It was also in the not too far past, a fairly large military installation at one point.

We went into a quiet cove, I got to pick the spot and helm the boat for the drop anchor drill. This is where we had a short lunch.
It is a nice spot quiet protected from too much wind and waves. Calm and deep. with a muddy bottom.

Afterward out into the Bay. By now winds had picked up to about 20 knots with waves about 3 ft. white caps. A typical day on the Bay. We practiced heaving-to and just sailing under real winds. The boat has a real funky tiller and rudder feel , like a dead spot in it, so it was somewhat tricky, but not to bad. After a bit of that we headed back to home port.

We can see up close where the new
Bay Bridge is being constructed.
Interesting from this view point

Once we got back to the Estuary Channel entrance we motored, in order to beat a large tanker coming in, so we would to not have to wait while to was manuvered into it's unloading position. There were lots of Tugs in and out of the Channel getting ready for this tanker and other through out the day. The Port of Oakland is a major shipping location so we had to dodge and look out for that all during our exit and entrance to the Estuary.

Some of the House boats in the Channel are amazing. Some have hugh yachts docked next to them. Must be nice to have that kind of money.

Next on the drill list was picking up moorings under power. Piece of cake really, after man over board drills under sail, then back to the dock.

In two week the final two classes. We will be on a 30 Ft sailboat . This time sailing over to a placed called Angel Island which is were once upon a time immigrants to this country were processes. Like Ellis Island but on the West Coast. Now a National park and popular yachting stop for the locals.


  • At 1:34 PM, Blogger james said…

    Hey Zen - Looks like you're having fun and learning lots in the Coastal Cruising class.

    Encinal YC is hosting a rendezvous for Jensen Marine's Cal boats on Sept 9-10 (my other boat is a Cal 39-2). We've got six Cal 40s and a whole bunch of other Cals. Our Fall flea market is Sat early a.m. My swing-jazz quartet is playing Sat nite. Come on by, if your in Alameda.


  • At 7:53 PM, Blogger royalLD said…

    Good to see the 'coastal cruising' course is going well. I have been on the run for the past few weeks I see I have a lot of reading to do to catch up.


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