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Friday, October 20, 2006

Becalmed friday

So you may wonder what does this picture have to do with being becalmed... answer nothing!

It is here for two reasons
1. I did not have a picture for the day.
2. A few months back I said something about doing a new ceramic class . I have yet to do anything nautical other than a few waves on some sake cups. However it is a filler and it something from the ceramic venture. One of the few things I am really pleased with. The cups are cool but the pictures do not look good. There are a few more pix on Flicka



I had a visit to the blog from one of my favorite blog writers, Butiku-san. His blog, laughing-knees is not about sailing and water, but the other element earth/mountains and his life in Japan. He has wonderful photographs. We use the same camera, nice. He sent me an email saying he liked boating but it was like a different planet from the mountians. He was also a bit purplexed about all the Zen's. :-)
Since he doesnot have a direct email on his site I'll answer that here for him and anyone else that drops by , Ok here goes

I am Zen or aka Captn Zen, Vice Commodor Zen, some combo of that. Mostly just Zen.

Lady Zen is my almost perfect wife, who is my balance and partner.

s/v Zen aka Sailing Vessel Zen is our Boat, an Islander 29


Becalmed friday:

Today looked perfect outside, temps in the high 70's, sunny, great autumn day. I took off from work 1/2 day. Things are scary slow when they want you to be 95% billable :-(
anyway. I figured i'd take off the afternoon, without pay, and go sailing. I have my teachers certification class testing coming up in a couple of weeks, and I have not been out on the water for as many so, I figured today is the day. I can get some practice in. Man overboard, heaving -to, points of sail, etc. The Universe however had other plans, as in NO WIND! grrrrrr
it was beautiful outon the water almost glass, but not enough wind to move me. Sometimes just enough to tease but not enough to move. So I drifted for a while then motored back to the marina. Oh well...
Making the best of things I gave s/v Zen a wash down. Lady Zen will be happy she has been wanting to do that for a while and with company coming on Sat, it worked out well.
The weather cast says a bit more wind tomorrow we'll see...
We had planned on sailing to Benicia for lunch, however a call over there says they will be very full with a guest yacht club visit, bummer. I was told try before coming chances are slim though. Oh well. No wind (maybe) no dock space (maybe), let's see what the tide brings...


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