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Monday, October 30, 2006

Ideas and Members

Once upon a time, I had considered joining my local Yacht club. I figured it would be good to meet some new people, share some stuff, etc. After doing some reading about some adventures other clubs have, and hearing a few things, it seemed like mostly it was a reason to get together and drink. Ok, if that is what you like, fine. Responsible drinking is ok.

Now my local club I found out had very few sailing members mostly powerboaters. Hmmm, now we are into a different realm. The idea of powerboating somewhere & drinking does not do anything for me. Nor does the thought of that kind of crowd, not that they are bad, just I'm different. My local club does not have docking facilities, nor a space that I could use for teaching my classes, nor sailors, so that idea went out the window or port as it were.
Being mostly a quiet type and not a big group animal , I figured it was best. Not much gain for the amount of time and money needed to be a member, at least for me.

I came across this on-line group, they had a charter, bylaws, blah blah. So I hooked up with them. No output maybe a few connections when overseas as the Commodore was currently in Japan. The Commodore is quiet for a long time, turns out is is making ready to go to Spain and is looking for someone to run things. I can do that I figured and was appointed the position as Vice-Commodore.

So I'm thinking maybe with a little effort this could work into something. There are many many on-line groups that have sailing stuff, tips, jokes, etc, etc, sail parties. So I'm thinking more on the lines of just an international network of folks will to lend a hand/advise to another when visiting, or at least direct them in a needed direction. If they are in the same area and just want to hook up so much the better.
eg: sailing to Spain, need some local info, help, parts, direction, check in with the Commodore. In Indonesia check in with blah blah. In Japan, In California, etc, etc. Maybe even get a few real time clubs to give some type of affiliation, courtesy visitor pass, etc, something.

So I am looking for ideas and members to make this go . It cost nothing and may help someone , including yourself down the channel.
Give me some feedback.


  • At 4:44 PM, Blogger Tillerman said…

    Great idea. I did a quick Google and there are at least four organizations called the International Yacht Club.

  • At 11:15 PM, Anonymous Alan said…

    Mail me for a bit of shameless promotion of your idea.

  • At 11:51 AM, Blogger EVK4 said…

    Nothing against an international and/or internet yacht club but you might want to try the Berkeley YC, it's very informal, inexpensive, and they sail a lot. I'm not a member but I participate in a few of their races.

  • At 12:55 PM, Blogger Zen said…

    Alan: thanks I'll be in touch and give your site a link,

    evk4: :-) Great endorsement...I'm not a member but... :-)

    ok lets see inexpensive.
    $145.00 a quarter
    $500.00 to join...

    Plus ga$...30 min drive to get there...

    Hmmmmmmmm oh, that's right, you live in Berkeley :-)

  • At 12:01 PM, Blogger Pat said…

    It's all relative; some fancy yacht clubs cost $10,000.00 US dollars or more to join (ten boat dollars). But, it seems that there are yacht and sailing clubs for everyone, with just about every kind of facility from ritzy to ratty to non-existent, and in just about every price bracket.

    Aqui en Nuevo Mexico, somos totalmente mas barato. Yep, we're cheap. Our clubs are mostly "paper clubs" without clubhouses, restaurants, bars, etc. One owns no facilities and the other owns and manages a modest, 106-slip volunteer-operated seasonal marina. And we charge folks a whole whopping $25 or $30 a year for memberships.

    The downside of having minimal facilities is difficulty in offering and participating in yacht club reciprocity agreements. However, our clubs have a lot of the same activities as the big clubs and are affiliated with the governing body of the sport.


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