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Monday, October 30, 2006

Partly cloudy

Seems like I was not not quite in balance this weekend. I had 3 days off but, I seemed to have lost track. The time switching and getting a little sick last night , as well as some frustration, may have added to todays feeling of lost time.

Lets see, Friday...ah , yes, I went down to s/v Zen. I got a call on Thursday saying they were turning on my business phone line there, but the Phone co. only takes it to the Harbor house connection, then they, the marina handles it. Hmmm turns out they do not. They gave me the number of someone who does. I thought this would have been fairly simple since there is already a connection box there... but no. Oh well next step...

So I did a few misc things on the boat. Installed a heavy flag line and replaced the string. I took a lil bit of a movie of raise the burgees. If I can figure out how to do it, I'll post it.

Friday night off to my Sifu's for Kung fu practice. Learned some more of the Chu Tai Chi Sword. This is the Tai Chi Mantis, Tai Chi sword form One of my goals is to finish that and a couple of other items before heading off to Japan. I have a lot to reveiw , record and practice before then. My "Uncle" wants me to put more time into the Chen Style as well.
Will this all come into use in Japan, who knows. But it will give me stuff to practice and stay in shape. Hopefully I can pickup at least a couple of students to pass this on to and have a Japan branch to The Chuk Kai Tai Chi Mantis Federation, besides me.

Sat. morning a quick review and filming so I wil not forget stuff from Fri. Then off to Ceramic class. I have no class on Sat, but I can go into the shop and work. Turns out my sushi plates are ready from the kiln. I am pleased with a couple. Two got kind of warped but still ok. Colors are not like I had planned, but still over all they are nice. Lady Zen liked them. I finished up triming a new sake bottle while there. I think this one will be the best. I wll not have much time this week to play with ASA studies to do... more on that later

Next off to "uncle's" shop to work. I put in a couple of hours on the computer mostly working camera stuff for him. Whihc reminds me I need to update the photography website.
So then I pickup sushi for dinner so Lady Zen does not have to deal with making dinner. We can have a relaxing evening watching Fuji TV, our Sat night Japanese programs.

So now it is Sunday already, gosh. I sleep in a little. Then breakfast and some computer stuff. I give some thought to getting in some sail time. I have ASA teachers test coming next weekend. I should get out and go through some drills. I kind of put that on the back burner as it is still somewhat early and low tide is around noon. It is now 10:30. So no point of going until after lunch.

I give some thought to the test and go over the paperwork sent to me. YUK! There is a lot of stuff to study. So I have at it, reading , reading , reading checking questions, researching my books. Blah, it is good I have some good books to research. Some of the things that are going to be coverd are not even on the level I am testing for. ????? What up with that ??? Grrr.
Hmm now it is getting late, and I just figure out there is a time change today not next week. Hmmm. after some more thought I figured I am less concerned with my on the water test than I am with the written stuff. So I put aside sailing for today and get back to the book work. Addtionally researching some of the water manuvers I will need to do. eg: sailing off a mouring, docking to a morning. I have not done these, but using some logic and comparing that with some book samples, it does not seem that complex. Similar in a way to the man overboard drills. I am fairly sure I can handl it. Not need to rush through them anyway I can tak emy time. This will not be a race.
The big thing in my mind is the questions, so more research turns up alll the answers I need. So I'll spend the next few days packing it all in my brain, and hopefully I'll be able ot re-access it when needed.

This testing over 3 days, written, on the water, lecture, given topics to mock teach both in the class and on the water...I'm preparing.. but still nervous about the un-known.
Kind of like looking at the Golden Gate bridge in a fog bank. You know that the bridge is there, what it looks like, how it functions, what is suppose to be there, but you can only see the tip of it from a distance. What in really on it is only a guess...


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